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Universal Entropy Question

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    I've read that the Big Bang is sometimes referred to as the "Big Cool," since it is likely that the early universe cooled very suddenly, and thus expanded rapidly.

    I've also read that the entropy of the universe is always increasing (ok, that's obvious), and as entropy increases the average temperature of the universe is increasing.

    For some reason, I thought I read somewhere that these two facts were related...did I dream this? I am not posing a theory, or it would be in that section... I was just wondering if anyone has read an article linking these two facts, or something similar.

    If not, just say "Nope, you're crazy." Thanks.
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    I've never heard that the temperature is increasing. Its close to absolute zero now and was hotter before - I think its decreasing. Increasing entropy is not synonomous with increasing temperature in the universe
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    Well, I believe I was referring to the "heat death of the universe" theory. Funnily enough, I found a link explaining some of it, which might also answer parts of my own question.

    Link: Heat Death
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    If one takes the theorized 'Contraction and Expansion', terms of the Universe as being the PRIME and Evolving states of the Universe's Entropic Motion, then there are quite a number of effects that contribute to how the whole system (Universe)must follow.

    For instance in the early past, the Big-Bang could have been preceded by the Big-Crunch, this PRE-BANG event could well be the Minimum Energy state of 'Heat-Death', The state of phase in Entropic terms has to be Theorized, as you say the Rapid cooling is really the End result of a Phase change, the Slow-Roll evolution of another Phase say(Our Universe at present). What we know about our Universe at present is that we are at the far corner/edge of a Big-Bang.

    We have data to support that our Universe at present has a CMBR signal that has evolved from a High State to its present state, which is the Background we are immersed in has gone in one direction, from a High Energy to a lower Energy, but how can this be so? is it that the field has gone in one direction 'High>>Low' in Temperature Terms? one part if the Universe's paramiters appears to be Contracting, the Temperature scale has contracted from a High scale down to a low scale. But now we have the situation where the Universe is Expanding from a micro point propotional to the Energy dispersion mainly that of Light.

    Here is the interesting thing for a Varying Speed of light in the early(actually it may be wrong to state this? as VSL of our early Universe would be interacting with the END-PHASE of the 'pre-Universe'which has to be taken into account,which may be directly related to Decellerated Photons of a COLD-CRUNCH/DARK-MATTER STATE), the Natural evolution of Expansion is that the Speed of light will slow down as Light lose's energy to the Vacuum, thus the Universe 'fades away and dies a so called Heat-Death.

    Which now produces a HIGH-EXPANSION-VACUUM!

    The Vacuum is gaining Energy(Expansive) from the very fact that our Universe Light is lose's Energy (Contactive/slowing down).

    Another consequence of this situation is that the Vacuum Expansion will evolve into a Runaway Inflation as 'determined' by any later evolving observers, Entropy has to start somewhere, it amkes no difference from the evolution point of view, a cold-big-crunch, is as good as a hot-big-bang!

    So is it a coincedence that the observed Universe had a faster constant speed of light? which could have propergated from another 'percieved' phase of two colliding energies, one that happens to be contracting, the other Expanding?

    This is a tale of TWO ENTROPIC STATES, and leaving out some details about Isolated systems and the Entropy evolution, an Isolated system as I'm sure you know is a SINGLE entropic state, and this is immpossible to exist, so why people actually develop representation of this state of non-being is really amusing :wink:
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