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Universal perspective

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    Let’s imagine that all existence is a big square block of legos. It is infinitely big, so it has no boundaries, but for the purpose of this experiment, it has boundaries. The individual legos are quantified as ONE, just as the entire block is quantified as ONE, because it is all of everything. (stay with me on this).

    Now, since existence is ONE and ONE is all that there is, in order to quantify ONE you have to have ZERO. Let’s make ZERO the center point of our block of legos. Since ZERO is less than ONE, and has no value being simply ‘nothing’ set against ‘everything’, the ONE tries to rush into it but cannot. Just like water trying to rush in on air, the water can’t displace the air in it and bubbles are formed. Just like air (comparatively) is empty space and water is (comparatively) solid space – when set against each other, a bubble is formed.

    Now, since we are quantifying these legos as individual points, let’s take a straight line of these legos and call them a string.


    Now, lets say that at the center of this string of ONEs, you insert a ZERO. What happens?


    The string will stretch down to it’s smallest point from both sides until it is stretched to its limit and can’t go any farther trying to fill in that ZERO value and get to the ONE on the other side. Just like a bubble of air at the bottom of the deepest ocean trench is invulnerable to the crushing force of the entire ocean, so too is the vacuum (or zero) at the center of the string invulnerable to the squeezing together of the ONEs. So now we see a string interrupted at the center, and stretched along the entire line with the stretch diminishing the further out it gets from the center. Now make that string 3 dimensional, and what do you have? A bubble, or, 360 degrees of strings focused down to their smallest point like 360 degrees of tapering sewing needles all jamming down on the same center spot but running into each other.

    Now, as a consequence of the legos stretching in from all angles, more empty spaces are created along the string in a chain reaction of stretching and compressing.


    From the center of the singularity of a ZERO inserted into ONE, like ripples in a pond in 360 degrees, come both bubbles and ripples. The ZEROS that are appearing in a chain reaction from the center of the singularity make the strings appear to be pushing out, or expanding, while the ONEs in between the ZEROs seem to be pushing in or contracting, and the whole event is creating bubbles and ripples at an exponential rate.

    Ultimately, the resulting shape is a doughnut, where the center of the doughnut is the singularity of the ZERO emergence. However, that is just its shape in one individual frame. If you spun a doughnut from its center really fast, you would see a ball. Therefore, the universe is a spinning doughnut rotating on the singularity. From the side, it would look like the infinity symbol, a sideways figure 8. From all sides, it would be a 360 degree figure 8, if you can picture what I mean. You have to have the outside perspective of the universe to see this as I mean it.

    However, when I say rotating or expanding, I am purely speaking of the perspective inside the event and not outside it. Since the chain of ones is infinite, there is neither expansion nor rotation of the event to its perspective. Think of it this way. Bob has a ball in his hand, and Jim is inside the ball (where he can’t see Bob but Bob can see him). Bob is infinite, and Jim is finite. As the ball got bigger to Jim, Bob got bigger because Bob is infinite. As the ball rotated to Jim, Bob rotated, because Bob is infinite. So, BOTH the ball AND Jim retained the same size and orientation from Bob’s infinite perspective, but from Jim’s fixed perspective both the size and orientation of the ball changed. In this experiment, you and I are Jim. That is what I mean by rotating and expanding.

    My point is that matter and energy are the cavitations and ripples of space-time started by a singularity of zero emergence. To the fabric of space time, the universe remains the same size, shape, and orientation because it is infinite. To the universe, however, we are expanding infinitely and rotating on an axis.
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