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Universe and Time Travel

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    This seems like the right place to discuss how the universe is built.

    So, answer me this: How would the universe react to Time Travel?
    Time Travel is (atleast to the extent of what I know) the activity which may cause most paradoxes. Paradoxes are weirdo nasty things, and the question is: How does the universe solve paradoxes?

    I thought, maybe the universe is designed to prevent paradoxes from happening by restricting what might cause them. However, that means Time Travel is impossible.
    Lets work on the assumption that Time Travel is possible - What would happen of a paradox occours?
    Would it wipe out the entire universe? Would time go back before the paradox happened and prevent the paradox from happening? Or is there some ancient race whos job is to keep the time vortex safe (Doctor Who refference)?

    I hope this will turn into a healthy discussion, and perhapes a scientific discovery.
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