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Universe be described with mass imbedded in space-time?

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    Can our universe be described with mass imbedded in space-time? Every point in space-time may or may not be occupied by an ammount of matter-energy (is the way things are conventionally thought of); but, in knowing that the density of space-time can vary, what if matter-energy is also a dimension, and is present everywhere in space-time, but can take on different values (-mass -> zero mass -> positive mass) just like the other dimensions? Every point is constantly changing according to it's location from the universal center. every universal point is one of P=(x,y,z,t,m). where m is the total mass density at that point. Being that only a finate number of configurations of known particles and/or fields(in thier own respective dynamical systems) can sum up to equal the value of "m" in the point p, there can be a probability distribution of possible matter-energy configurations at each point of space-time. So the way to describe it mathmatically at each point would involve some uncertainties much like in quantum mechanics. An extra needed invention would be a "friction" or "induction" of space-time-matter-energy changing configurations, and not necessarily opposing or enforcing change (this would be an intrinsic property of space-time-matter-energy, and could be used as a universal conversion tool from any quantity of energy in any configuration to any other). this would be needed to describe why a dynamical system of particles (such as an atom) can traverse space-time, otherwise, how would points in space-time-matter-energy "know" that they are supposed to take on different values unless a dynamical system were inducing a change of values as it moves through?

    This is all speculation, and I guarantee an incorrect attempt, but hopefully helps to link the concepts of matter-energy and space-time. there must be some relation of the two. I want to think that maybe all matter is simply space-time tied in knots, and there are all kinds of knots that can be made (particles) and they all are able to slide through space-time just like a slipknot can slide down a rope (of course a rope is one dimensional and the knot moves along it in a dimension of time, and our universe is seemingly 3 spacial dimensions with a dimension of time). So these "knots" known as particles have definate configurations of space and possibley time and therefore they would be like functions of space-time. They take an input of space-time (domain, or initial values, or state-space), and transform it into a different configuration (range, or functional values, or whatever) as they move through that point, and when they leave that point, they transform space-time-matter-energy back to the original configuration (domain), thus giving the appearance of a particle moving through seemingly empty space. This means that space-time itself, manifests the properties of matter-energy as it is configured in different ways. Electrons can move through a superconductor without any speed loss, and a superconductor is basically a lattice of atoms... similarly, empty space is a lattice of which matter can travel through with no speed loss. Space-time, and Matter-energy must at some level be space-time-matter-energy, perhaps at or below absolute zero and at or above the speed of light... I know I know, I've written too much incomplete thoughts...

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    I must sound severely uninformed. hehe. I can't comprehend string theory, or loop quantum gravity, and at the same time I think my mindless wanderings into theoretical physics leads me to an idea of the universe that closely resembles them both... I think... does either one imbed matter-energy into space-time like how I'm suggesting? I'm sure this is one of the main paths that has been taken already.
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    understand , string and quantum theory are theories of mass. the reality of high energy plasma, is that it is non-particle. they( string and quantum) are not irrelevent but they are lower forms of energy.
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    I think that maybe space/time consists of a potential energy/momentum field with fractal description. In this idea fields, force, waves and particle would be a result of the combination of symmetries (and their changes) at different levels of the fractal description.

    While thinking about lthis I also wandered into areas of ST and LQG.

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    I think, there is one infinitle continuum, with one Hyperspace-time. This is the Absolute.Next we have local space-times. One of them is Our Universum.It is present space-time, in which we are living.There are many real and virtual universes with real and virtual particles,fields,forces and waves.The Hyperspace-time is inexhaustible source of matter-energy and continual movement.Some universes are coming into being on the rubbish-heap from the other matter-energy. For example: Why some of our galaxies are older then our Universe? There were strings first of course.....
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    If it makes sense, you missed the point. And this definitely makes sense.

    The point you missed is that space-time like mass is not localized. i.e. If you can not be certain of the place or energy of position of matter, and matter curves space, how can you be certain of the curvature of space? Both must be considered together, and the best you can do is isolate out of the knot what appears as mass like properties and space-time like properties. But both would just be approximations.

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