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Universe Building

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    Firstly, This is not a double post... even though from all appearances it might seem. I can't explain further because rules.
    Now moving on...

    Before we get started, thanks for the input.

    1. What would happen if a ship using a Genesis Drive (Explained what this is below) activated it in Earth Atmosphere... or really any Atmosphere? I know something would happen, just not sure what. Imagining that the field activates and the air inside is going to travel along with the field then let's say it moves a kilometer in an atmosphere and the field is 1 meter in diameter. This is done in less than a second. This would cause the air in front of the field to enter into the field and build up on the outside while at the same time behind it near 0 is being released, leaving kilometer long vacuum essentially. So what happens here?

    2. How big would a rocket that is sent from the Earth to the Moon (one way trip) need to be using this unnamed liquid fuel described below?
    -- A bit more explanation. The fuel I am thinking that it would work similar to a chemical rocket where the particles particles are coming from the fuel to create something like an explosion and pressure which can then be directed out causing thrust. This can be done all at once or in any smaller fraction so I am thinking, but I'm sure as I don't quite know the math, that every MJ of energy released would produce 1 Newton which would result in very high instant thrust being possible. This sounds like it is achieving what I want but I'm not quite sure in numbers that are more familiar to me.

    3. Colonizing the moon and mining it... Peary and Shackleton Craters are going to be be domed cities, but these are fairly far away from the Mares which have really good and easy to access resources. I was thinking to set up a 3 "city", more of an out post that mining bases use as central place which have a roadway between those 2 polar cities. Where would you suggest putting this base? Also, I want a 4th colony on the far side, somewhat disconnected, where is a good place for this colony?

    4. Assuming, the use of the unnamed liquid fuel described below, would space elevators make any sense at all?

    5. Any suggestions on names for some of this stuff?

    6. Do the following fictional things sound plausible as possible explanations. Such things are not real obviously, but do they sound like any of these could exist;

    Genesis Field - A genesis field is a supra-dimensional field that causes space to be created or destroyed (and it's polarized so a polar "north" field creates spacetime, and "south" field destroys it). This type of field is what is responsible for the continuous expansion of the universe. Our universe sitting on a field that continuously makes it expand.

    Matter is decoupled from space in this so it move probabilistically to the space that was in front or behind the space that was created or destroyed.

    When 2 Fields interact with each other, if they are within a given angular tolerance which varies with the field the fields combined into 1 field, much like a magnetic field. If the fields are outside this angular tolerance the field has a chance to destabilize. This chance increases as the difference in angles increases. If the field destabilizes it will do so after it travels 1 Light day and due to the instability just has to be waited out. If a field opposite of an established field overlaps the fields will cancel each other out instantly, but if a field is unstable it can't be nullified.
    Basically this is a Warp Field... but without most of the problems of a Warp Field.

    Jumpgate technology - Creates a transition point into a higher dimensional plane of timespace. Think of it like as time progresses the number of possibilities increase and in doing so this creates something like a globe of possible timespace coordinate with each point of time space being essentially flat. The gates provide an anchor point to regular spacetime while the ships is able to plot a course along this time globe to reach it's destination. Traveling at a regular speed along the straight timeline will result in no change in travel time and traveling using a Genesis Drive will cut the time as much as it would normally. Why use the Jump gate then? because much like when you draw a straight line on a curved surface and then flatten it out you will get a curved line the same principle happens here. A ship can plot a "more straight" trajectory over the time sphere to arrive at the destination up to 10 times faster than a trajectory through the the flattened curved surface of normal spacetime.

    --> Subtopic here - "The Schism" Is a 100 LY in diameter sphere "wall" caused by an inversion of this technology. As far as I have figured thus far it is unknown whether it let's things in or out, but I'm leaning more towards lets things in but not out. Does this sound like something that could come from this technology?

    Unnamed Liquid Energy - A type of exotic matter that allows for generating virtual particles with an energy of 432,541 Mj = 1 uL. The matter is not being converted to energy, but rather it is allowing for the virtual particles to be pulled from another dimension into ours. As the amount of energy is pulled through and used the liquid is destroyed. The energy in the matter used up to pull the energy over.

    Infinite Energy Generator - A device, roughly the same size as a nuclear reactor, that opens a small tear into other universes and takes energy (or matter) from them. The universe having infinite universes means that there is an infinite pool to draw from. This sounds limitless, but it is limited still by the amount of energy that can be physically drawn off which isn't unlimited, both by physically attaching cables and the amount of current that those cables can carry. It's also not very useful for physical matter as physical storage, transportation, and other such things would cause it to be activated and deactivated which would end up using more energy/material than it would produce.
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    The OP wanted to post his scenarios as strictly science fiction writing, no real science.
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    Well that's not quite right. The things that I said are different are different. The part that are the same are the same. So, like the first question, I don't know the answer, but it's real physics that should be able to answer what would happen when you more or less compress such a large quantity of air rapidly. The second question is asking what type of thrust would be produced from this quantity of energy and using something like rocket engines. The other 4 questions are opinion based so...

    These are questions that derive their answer from the combination of real physics and fictional physics. I don't know the real part is so I'm asking while providing the fictional part so people can understand what is the scenario for what I'm asking. If I didn't need "real" science to answer the question why would ask people who are on a physics forum answer physics questions?

    I'm not proposing that which is obviously fictional as real which is against the rules. I'm asking what is the results of these if they were applied to the real world as they will be in a fictional setting.
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    No, it is not. It is based on a magical drive. This is not physics. You are asking "if the laws of physics did not apply, what would the laws of physics say about <insert whatever nonsense you like>"
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    No. I'm saying Here is what happens with this magical fictional drive. I need to know what happens due to those things happening. In more practical way of speaking it's called a thought experiment. "If x were the case, what would happen". Further more are you saying that you can't figure out what happens when air is rapidly compressed like this from real physics? I'm sure you can. Because I know the rough answer to that is that air heats up. I simply don't know how hot or some of the other things that might happen along with that.

    Also I'm not saying "The laws of physics don't apply" if you think that you don't know what a "law" is, especially here where it's an added law and not breaking or bending any laws.
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    [Soft science and rule of cool] You destroy space... But matter stays... you wouldn't just condense it in to a short lived black hole?

    Jumpgate vs. any ultrahigh energy solution? I use variant of jumpgate. If you use any high energy solution it means that for fraction of cost of a minor trip you can provide free electricity for all households and factories on Earth. Not mentioning its potential as WMD [/Soft science and rule of cool]
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    Condense what? The matter? The problem is that the matter in the field is not moving. The matter outside of the field isn't moving. Even assuming it does move when space is destroyed it wouldn't move at a very high velocity. In space this isn't a problem because space is fairly empty and the things you're running into are moving fast enough to enter and exit the field before a build up can occur, however in an atmosphere there is a lot of matter to deal with that isn't moving very fast so even going a short distance cause all that matter to move into the right in front of the field, in and outside of it, because even though the movement of the matter is maintained and those particles would hit other particles I'm not sure if they'd somehow get enough momentum to send them out the back at high speed, create black holes, or just become really really hot.

    I'm trying to figure out what happens and how dangerous this would be...

    Also I'm probably going to modify to say it has to be bigger than some minimum size to not make it usable as a weapon as it would make an incredible weapon and I'd prefer not to have such a thing.

    Not a problem in my universe ^.^ Also these aren't regular jumpgates where you go in and get shot to another gate and can be retrofitted into a rail gun. They're multipliers where entrance into the gate way puts you into a different frame which allows up to 10x faster movement regardless of the base movement. So if you can travel at 10x the speed of light then entering into one allows for a maximum of 100x the speed of light. Also a ship can get trapped and such in this other frame if there is no gate generator or anchor which makes it a strategic point interest.
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    The deal with multiverse-traversing stories is that they are based on some very highly speculative physics; at some point a working scientist (which I am not) is going to look at you and say: "I don't know what would happen there. What would you like to have happen there?" The impression I have is, that while String Theory and Alternate Universes are very exciting, the theory is not universally accepted in the physics community. Multiverse technology is high-grade speculation based on high-grade speculation. The good news is that you can look at any physicist who goes to the trouble of refuting you after the story is published and wonder why they are wasting time on you.
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