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Universe from nothing/

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    Universe from nothing part 2/...

    Juz in addition to the previous thread...

    Ever thought that the universe is actually form from a very gigantic star from another universe. The star undergoes supernova(known as the Big Bang) then creates a new universe having the created the black hole from the supernova as the gateway to a totally new world.

    So if we could actually find the correct black hole/(the gateway)we would probably be transported to a whole new world.
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    This all begs the question as to where it all came from in the "FIRST" place. Thus we need to know how space and time began. This mean that there was no space and time, and then space and time came into existence. What is the process responsible for that?
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    link to gunblaze's referenced thread: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?p=254881#post254881

    But the Big Bang was not like an outward explosion of stuff like a supernova. We don't see galaxies etc. rushing away from a central point. The expansion of space occurs in all directions.
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    what i mean is that there is already a space out there...another universe, another galaxies, and many more stars.
    But at that very place, there is this particular star that undergoes supernova(the big bang)and thus creating a black hole.

    Then this black hole opens up to another world(which is our present universe)...It expands and thus creating this new universe...

    our occurrence with aliens may also be true...only if the above is real.
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    That is metaphsical. The conjecture has no meaning, scientifically, until it has consequences that are observable and predictable within 'our' universe.
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    Could be that every black hole is the seed of a new universe bubble within the higher multiverse framework. It's open to speculation.
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    Actually, Mike, that is logically fallacious. To speak of 1 thing, and then speak of a second thing, which occured after the first thing, is to place things in a tight temporal framework. Thus, one shouldn't say "there was no time, and then time came into existence", because that's tantamount to saying "there was a time when there was no time, and, at a later time, time came into existence".
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    Yes, but I didn't actually say, "there was a time when there was no time, and, at a later time, time came into existence". I am aware of that fallacy. I tried to word it so that one would only consider the state of non-existence and then an existence, or existence coming from non-existence.
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    --- the reason scientist give, in order to explain how this universe started, is the Big Bang. Then they state that, it was caused by quantum fluctuations. But even when explaining QF, we talk of electrons and other subatomic particles already existance in the vaccum. BUt where/how did the very fIRST of the subatomic particles come? i beieve there are no explanations for that, and it will never be explained. As for there being a possibility of other universes, i do not think there is/are such thing(s). Our universe is already too vast enough for us to understand, i don't beleive there is any real need of adding other universes, it will just make matters more complicated.. :approve:
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