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Universe ? infinite/finite, belonging to bigger whole ?

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    the idea of this post came from here
    I have browsed through some posts, but didn't really found what i was looking for, so i am making a new post here


    Could it be possible, that there be more than one universe, forming a bigger whole.
    Like as we might see an atom as a particle, 'bigger entities' might 'see' a universe as a small particle. the idea, that we can always go higher in particle 'level' (level a : Quark / level a+1 : protons, neutrons, ect / level a+2 : atoms / ... / level a+n / level a + n + 1 / ...)

    In the previous post :
    But with a sphere, we can draw boundaries, just like we do a world map. If you cross the boundary you end up on the other side on the map ?
    is that what would happen in the universe ? crossing the edge would make u appear on the far edge ?
    Or did i just didnt understand well what he meant ?
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