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Universe ingrediants

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    In an attempt to find out what our universe consists of i have
    gathered these figuers.

    Heavy elements, "us stuff" 0.03%
    stars 0.5%
    neutrinos 0.3%
    free hydrogen and helium 4%
    dark matter, energy 95%
    hydrogen atoms 90% to 95%
    helium atoms 5% to 10%
    all other elements 1%
    Black hole mass ratio to host cluster 0.5%
    If these figures are correct then it is a sobering thought that all
    the stars, planets, BHs and other "bodies only make up 0.53% of
    the total ingredients in the universe.
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    don't you think that it is also a suspicious thought?

    doesn't that thought make you question the theories that gave birth to them?
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    Theories that gave birth to these numbers did not come out of nowhere. They are based on observations. Physicists are willing to listen to any theory that is consistent with these observations. At the moment this is what seems to work best.
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    The theories you refer to are probably, dark energy, matter,
    although these theories are unintuitive they are generally
    accepted, Do i question them, of course i do, i find many of
    these theories are not to my liking, but these are the numbers,
    maybe some adjustments are needed , others may give some
    input, but i think they are in the" ball park".
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