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Universe inside-out

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    After reading (a lot) I've come to the conclusion that the Absolute Present Time is a point of recognition inside our heads, and that everything outside of that is in the past and younger due to the speed of energy information (c). We are the oldest things in the universe and the background radiation is the youngest. It still boggles the mind though to look out at the stars and consider that the beginning is beyond them all in every direction. Also consider that we are accelerating away from everything else, which is just the inverse of what is generally presented in most writings. And "blah" to balloons and raisin cookies!
    I picture spacial expansion as a row of marbles with a new one appearing between each pair at constant time intervals. If you are perched on one marble, your immediate neighbor would move away by one diameter while the tenth would move away by 10 and the thousandth by one thousand. Acceleration. Due to the immutable 'c', only their faces would get redder. It doesn't matter which marble you pick as your point of observation.

    Question: If space is expanding out in the void, could it be contracting in the immediate vicinity of mass/energy which would obviate gravity as we know it?
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