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Universe section of NASA

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    "Universe" section of NASA


    NASA Science Missions Directorate used to have a division they called "Astrophysics". According to Steinn's blog (Dynamics of Cats)
    they renamed it the Universe division


    Steinn also mentions appointment of a new director---Jon Morse
    picture and short bio here:

    The link gives a handy list of current and future "Universe" missions, with brief descriptions.

    Personally I like the shift in nuance. I think it accords well with the way NASA missions connect to the public imagination. If you have a look at the Amazon physics bestseller list you'll see a remarkable number of books with the U-word in the title or its synonym cosmos. I also think the new name is more descriptive than the old---it accurately reflects what the listed current projects are investigating and measuring.

    Any comments?
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