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Universe Splitter

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    I stumbled across this app for iPhone which may appeal to those favoring the many-worlds interpretation of QM:


    I thought it was cool that an app can actually run a quantum experiment each time you use it. I saw mention of it on a Sean Carroll blog defending EQM.

    While it may or may not split the universe, it would seem to allow you to make a completely random decision. And I can't think of many examples where quantum effects can noticeably influence daily life.

    Makes me wish I had an iPhone but unfortunately I have Android.
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    I some how doubt that the app actually talks to a lab. More likely just generates a pesudo-random number :)
    Still a neat app.
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    *According to prevailing quantum theory. Universes cannot contact each other. Not responsible for user's actions. ┬ęCopyright 2009 Eric Daniels - All Rights Reserved

    PT Barnum one said "A fool and money are soon parted"
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    I don't know about this particular app, but there are true (quantum) random number servers available. E.g. https://qrng.anu.edu.au/
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