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Universe theory

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    Hi all,

    i am not a physicist, but had a random thought the other day and wanted to find out whether there had ever been a similar theory as to the structure of the universe ??

    Looking at solar systems and galaxies etc they seem to (in very basic terms) operate similarly to atoms, ie bits revolving around a nucleus. My thought is.... is it possible that the universe is similar to a mobius strip of sorts in that if you travel to the furthest point of the universe you find yourself in the smallest particle of an atom. The two feed into each other infinitely... ??? Meaning that there is an infinite amount of universes, well........ as infinite as the number of the smallest particles in an atom, in every atom in the universe! ; P

    Anyway, just a thought ; )
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    No, they don't. The "orbital" model for nucleus and electrons was outmoded in about the 1920s.

    I have no idea what this last part could even mean, much less whether it is true or not.
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    Also please note that we don't pursue speculations of this type here. Click on the "Rules" link at the top of any page here and note the section Overly Speculative Posts.
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