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Universe with redshift

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    So what if no distant galaxy showed any redshift of blueshift? what would that mean?
    What would this imply about the universe? What-if any –effects would this have on the Earth?

    I figure this would support the steady state theory and that it was static and infinite.
    anything else??
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    Your conclusion is probably right, but what is the point. The red shifts of galaxies has been observed and analysed for over 80 years.
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    According to the steady state theory space does also expand, but without an initial singularity (it makes use of a de-Sitter cosmological model).
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    No, it would support Einstein's original 'blunder' with the cosmological constant cancelling gravity (his static model). But we now know that Einstein was wrong on that one and he was (probably) wrong on declaring the cosmological constant a 'blunder' as well!:smile:
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