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  1. Sep 6, 2005 #1
    Hi, I'd like someone to help me out with a rather huge problem I have at my hands. Theres 1 year for me to successfully complete my IB Course doing Maths-Chemistry-Physics as Higher, and the problem is that, I would like to do Medicine... However I've been looking through the University Requirements and reading through I've come to realize that I may have made the wrong choice In picking Physics, as every University has so far had 'Biology And Chemistry' as the Requirement. Im unsure about what to do, therefore I would like some people to suggest a few ideas please. Thanks
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    To my knowledge you nearly always need biology to study Medcine - I would change options ASAP as even if the Uni only wants chemistry - biology is a huge bonus
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    I think at cambridge and some other Uk universities you might not need biology only two out of Chemistry, maths, F maths, physics, biology. I'm guessing your in Europe as your doing IB ignore this if you are not.
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    I do IB in the UK, and I'm having doubts whether I should change to Biology ASAP or not, Its a very hard choice as after looking through the UCAS and seeing most unis accepting Bio and Chem made me very upset.. so Im unsure :/
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    What point are you in your studies? How good are you at your current options/physics? And what does your school/college careers advisor suggest?
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    I've just started year 13, basically i'll be applying to Unis soon, and I havn't had a chance to talk to my Career adviser yet... But will get on that soon, and i'll be checking out that site aswell.. As for Physics, I enjoy it so much, best subject, and Im pretty much awesome at it I guess..
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    IB isn't only in Europe. I'm in my second IB year (similarily to Turkish) doing HL math, physics, chem, and english...and I live in Canada.
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    I'm in IB2 as well... in Mexico.
    Wow, 4 HL's. I wish MY school offered such options... but no, we're new to IB. We're like guinea pigs.
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    somekid...you didn't know that in some schools in Europe, they allow students to do 5 HL's, given that you're going to go to university to study medicine. For example, they may allow you to take:

    HL Maths
    HL Chem
    HL Bio
    HL History
    HL Latin
    SL A1 German
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    Which is a HUGE workload. I'm content with my 4 HL's thanks lol. But ya, IB is right, there are actually a few people I've made contact with on this forum that are taking 5 HL's in IB, and some are in the US.

    Are you sure your school won't let you? I mean, I'm sure they have the courses, they just probably don't want you overwhelmed so they say that you have to limit it. You should talk to the Head of IB at your school and find out.

    Nice to see fellow IB students here! Good luck guys!
  14. Sep 6, 2005 #13


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    Actually, rocketboy, I'm techincally taking 5 HL's over two years like those in Europea, too, but the only difference is that the 5th HL will not count on my diploma; it will count as a certificate. I'm really screwed up just on the first day. You must have seen that I've posted several posts asking for maths help in the homework help forum...

    Technically I'm doing these subjects on diploma:
    IBH A1 English
    IBH A2 French
    IBH History of Americas & World Hist (I wish I could take History of Europe instead)
    IBH Chemistry (oh yeah, teacher said "if you could get a 7 on HL Chem, you can get an bachelor's degree in Chemistry with ease")
    IBS Physics
    IBS Maths Studies (my counsellor advised against my taking Maths Studies, but oh well, if you look at my certificates you'll know)

    And these for certificates:
    HL Physics (after taking IBS Physics first year, it's possible that I do Higher Level PHysics Year 2. That's cos the curriculum is the same, and first year HL is equivalent to SL)

    Anyway, I'm checking the homework forum for a while and I'm out to work on my packet and then go to sleep. I'm too screwed even on the first day of school cos my IBS Physics teacher gave me a 10-paged maths review packet, IBH Chem teacher gave 20 pages of maths work in textbook(about (16 problems!), IBH History teacher loads of notes to read.

    And I'm pretty sure the pressure will be much higher as I make more progress in the IB programme.
  15. Sep 7, 2005 #14
    Ya it is certainly going to be a "fun" year. I'm taking HL Math, and my had my first class today. The teacher scared us all by saying "you will probably all fail some of my tests...I've had kids come in who have never failed anything every before and fail my tests. It builds character, I tend to build a lot of character."

    We all just started and thought...."help us". But the teacher is really good and the class is one of my favorites. She also said that for this course, a 75% or greater mark on the IB exam will likely get you a 7, because it is so difficult. So I think it's good that her tests are going to be really hard, because it will prepare us for the exam.

    Last year 66% of her class got a 7 on the IB HL math exam, so I'm confident in her teaching :approve:

    Sorry for hijacking this thread. :tongue2:
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    Sorry i didn't know people did IB outside of Europe, I like IB and I would have preferred to do it to A-levels it goes into much more depth in physics and chemistry than the A-level syllabuses. But I found when looking at maths exam papers that IB maths was easier than A-level. Can you do further maths like at A-level as a separate subject in IB?
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