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    Does anyone know of any way to get into university without a high school diploma?

    I'm not talking about an online distance university that is only accredited on some indian reserve no one has ever heard of. I'm looking for a real university, with real professors, with a real physics department, on a real campus, that grants real degrees.
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    My advice would be to contact the admissions office of the university that you are interested in, explain your situation to them, and ask whether they have any procedure by which you can demonstrate that you are capable of doing university-level work (e.g. by examination).
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    Reed College (in Portland, Oregon), a really excellent liberal arts college, I know will admit students without highs school diplomas- of course, they expect top test grades, etc.

    (And, by the way, I don't much like your knock on Indians. University of New Delhi, for example, is highly thought of!)

    Unless you can prove you are a genius I would recommend taking the time to get a GED.
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    LOL, he was referring to Native American reservation universities, not Indian universities.
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    Yes, I was referring to 'universities' that are accredited on reserves for some reason or another, and so they sell degrees to people with no real qualifications.
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    I think quite a few private universities don't require you to have a highschool diploma to get accepted or apply. But you better have a good excuse, and some really good qualifications, that is if you want to get into a good college.
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    I was in a similar situation before I got my GED. I found that some of the more selective universities didn't require a HS diploma or GED, and I presume this is because they have so many other requirements and high standards. For instance, MIT doesn't require a HS diploma or GED, but anyone without the equivalent of a HS education has no real chance of being accepted anyway. It was the local colleges that required a high school diploma or GED, and that was usually the only requirement.

    Getting your GED may still be worth it for you, whatever you decide to do. Any extra show of commitment and accomplishment could only help, and your scores could possibly make up somewhat for any deficiencies in your transcript (in the US, the scores provide a national 'class' ranking, ex. top 5% nationally). The GED teachers may also be willing to provide recommendations, which, if you don't have any from your HS or other teachers, would be better than nothing.
    The test was a breeze for me. You may want to at least go take the first round of pretests to see where you are. They have classes to help you prepare if you need or want them. And you may end up acing the pretests and moving straight ahead to the real one. :smile:
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    I'm having hell trying to get into USC,Rice, or UT.

    Without a diploma..........hahahahahaha!
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    There's no need to ridicule the question was valid, and we don't know the context of the situation, the person never said they wanted to get into a very competative college such as Rice.
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