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University guidance please

  1. Aug 9, 2011 #1
    Hi there,
    I am currently doing my a levels doing maths, further maths, physics and product design. I live in coventry in the UK and need some help with my subjects I'm going to choose to study at university.
    Generally I really enjoy maths and physics a lot. But I'm unsure on which university course to go into, I need a course that I'm going to enjoy as well as one which has good career opportunities.
    I've looked at these courses so far:
    Physics and astrophysics,
    Natural Sciences,
    Aerospace engineering,
    I'm tilting towards astrophysics but I'm not sure on what career prospects are like, because it's not a career that seems to be that wide, like there's tob jobs like working for NASA, but I do not want to go to uni and spend all of this money to come out and not have a fairly decently secured, wide ranged job opportunity, I also am kind of tilting towards aerospace engineering because I've heard that the job opportunities are good. Although I don't want to base my course on jobs, I have a really deep interest in maths and physics and there are a lot of courses open to me, but I'm just not sure on which one to choose from the rest.
    But personally I enjoy practical applications, like using my knowledge to solve problems and applying my knowledge directly, I'm also very interested in astronomy and theoretical kind of physics on the side.
    Just want to know if anyone has done or is doing any of these courses or courses which you think I could go into and if they have info on the job opportunities, or how you find the course etc.
    Thank you for all of the help :)
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