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University in Czech Republic,do you have any Feedback?

  1. Nov 16, 2012 #1
    although i was planning to spend a semester in Sweeden or England i changed my mind and
    i submitted all the necessary documents and 99.9% i will be a student at Uni. of West Bohemia (Czech Rebublic) for spring semester.I don't speak their language, i know that we will communicate in English,hopefully effectively!

    Here come the hard questions.If anyone is studying there(or has studied recently) let me know details especially for the department of electrical engineering such as:
    1)helpful professors or good luck....?level of difficulty(very hard,easy...too much work)?
    2)Are there teaching stuff i should better off avoid...?
    3)any other information concerning studying and passing telecommunications classes(wireless,antenna etc) and microcontrollers programming(do they use assembly or C, hardware they use etc).

    Now the easier question.Are there other websites i could ask/read feedback from students for that University?Thanks for taking the bother to read it through. @:-)

    ps: I did my research,searched their website,asked(email) their office...details for things their website does not really cover and got a very brief,not sufficient response for some of my questions(not all).From their response i felt that they answered so as to show they are active,not closed.The above 1-3 questions i did not dare to ask for obvious reasons!
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