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Schools University of Waterloo

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    Hey everyone!

    I got accepted to the university of waterloo for computer science honours (BCS), and was wondering about the university's reputation. I know that its considered to be a very good school in Canada (one of the best), but what about international reputation? is it known to be a very good school? I really want to make the right decision. Any useful opinions would be much appreciated.
    Thanks :smile:
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    Hi, it is known for being particularly good in applied math (be it combinatory, statistics, numerical methods). I'm actually planning to apply for a PhD in PDE's there.
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    Uni of Waterloo is indeed a damn great uni for CS and sciences! as for the international reputation, u have no doubts about it being very well known! Many in Asia and North America will know about the rep of UW in canada!

    Stick with u and u will be well rewarded!
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