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Schools University of wisconsin(madison)

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    I am very interested in going to this college for bio-medical engineering. I was wandering if anybody has been there or has any good opinions on the school and there bio program. Right now I am at a local community college and am thinking i might transfer there for spring semester 2006 or just finish my 2 yrs at my community college and go to either UofW or UofM(only because of how convienent it is for me)
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    If you're going into biomedical engineering, that's quite different from biology. Make sure you're applying to an engineering program, because biomedical engineering requires courses such as electrical engineering that you're definitely not going to get as a biology major. Both universities have generally good reputations, but I don't know much about what they offer specifically in biomedical engineering.

    In terms of general impressions, I think Madison is a more fun town than Ann Arbor, and also a prettier campus (the town itself doesn't "look" as pretty, but it had more of a college town feel and was more affordable when I visited there...I lived in Ann Arbor a while, and it's pretty expensive). But you'll have to check out the reputation of the specific program you're interested in. Compare the course offerings and see if there are substantial differences, and then decide which one fits more with what you want to get out of your education.
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    My brother-in-laws wife went there for grad school. She said it had a very 'collegiate' atmosphere with lots of bookstores, coffee shops, etc.
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    Since we have a rather sparse response here, I'll chime in....

    I spent 4 years at UW for my undergraduate degree in physics. So I can't say much about the bio-medical program there. I can say something about the school in general. It is one of the best places to study. In terms of facility and support, it is as good as any.

    Fairly or unfaily, it does have a reputation as being a "party school", at least during the 80's. Just like the University of Colorado, that label doesn't accurately reflect the fact that many of the academic program are highly ranked. When I was there, the Chem E program was ranked either #1 or #2 in the country, the Medical Physics program was #5, etc.

    It is a very good school, and a wonderful place to study. Madison in general has been in many surveys of being one of the best cities in the US to live in. Either way, you can't go wrong.

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    It's great to see someone else interested in BME! Welcome! I don't attend Madison, but my girlfriend does so I have visited it several times. I love the campus and I find it wonderful! It's great because it has a ton of places to go to such as restaurants, coffee shops ( like mentioned before), and nice shops for any interest.
    With the social/aesthetic aspect aside, I have researched and found that it has a pretty good GRAD program, but that it's undergrad was good as well. If I ever left my present school to enter another BME program, I would deffinetly consider Madison. It is a fine choice. Goodluck :cool:
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    well it seems you guys have pretty much confirmed alot of what I've heard. I have also heard that it can be a bit of a party school, but lukily Im 24 and slightly past that phase of life so although i will enjoy some parties I know why i want to go. Im also glad to here that its a good place to study and that thier faculty is good also. All i have to do know is spend 1 or 2 semesters at my local comunity college getting that darn GPA up. I spoke via email to one of thier councilers and I guess their biomed engineering program if very competitive and that in the last few semesters the GPA cutoff has been at about 3.5. I think im going to hybernate with a couple books this fall. And thats for the replies. I recently found this forum and its nice to see a forum with some very intelligent people in it.
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