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Schools University prep and trancsripts

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    Im not sure if this is the right place to put this post but...

    Well I have just been accepted to University HURRAY!!! As long as I finish my grade 12 University prep chemistry course with 75%. I am doing this course through independent learning and its unbelievably hard (even teachers atmy old highschool cannot answer some of the questions) I found that I can take this course through summer school and have it completed by the deadline given to me for University. Will this look bad on my transcripts if I drop it through independent learning since I am about 50% done the course??? Or doesnt it matter, as long as I have the course completed. Anyone know??? THANKS!!
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    I don't know how other people might view it. I think choosing to switch to a course where you can be more successful shows self-awareness and honesty. Your goal is to learn the material and pass the course. Being able to determine the best way to acheive your goal and following it through are valuable skills. If they ask, just give them your reasons for switching, and tell them why you thought it was best. That would impress me.
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