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  1. Jun 24, 2008 #1
    Hi all, I was just wondering where I could find a list of physics programs the university of Toronto has, and I was also wondering what kind of marks should I should have to get into these physics programs. Currently i have a 82% average in grade 11 but I plan to work a lot harder in grade 12 but I'm starting to get concerned about not knowing what kind of program I want to go into; could someone help me figure this out please? thanks.
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    to find list of available program, google --> UofT --> prospective undergraduate

    then for entering averages, google OUAC, and on their website, there's a section called CUDO (common university data), where they list all statistics including minimum cutoff for each program.
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    Is there a way you could visit the campus? If you could meet with an advisor for a tour of the department you'd probably learn far more about the program than you could learn on-line.
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    Yes, they have campus tours throughout the year.
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