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University Standards

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    I'm sure it depends on the University but I'm wondering what goes on in University with the fact everyone is coming from different schools. I'm interested in Computer's and the Computer courses at my school are a joke and I live in a small town so I can self-help by internet and books I guess.

    Basically from those people who go to Universities. Do they expect you to know basic things when you get there or do they treat you like you know nothign and go over the basics while you sit there and yawn for the first few days?

    I'm asking basically because I'm worried I might get to University and find out I should have known 50 hard to learn things by then.
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    Dooga, university professors know the students all come from very diverse backgrounds. Introductory classes are intended to get everyone onto the same starting level. That means that those who had a lot of strong classes in high school may find themselves a bit bored, and those who didn't will have to work extra hard to keep up. My experience has been that those who have never had high school courses related to a subject seem to do better in those classes, partly because they aren't coming in with the misinformation their high school teachers taught them and partly because they know from the start they need to keep up with their studying and homework and have less of a tendency to put it off until it's too late to learn it all. And if you find you were woefully unprepared for college in your high school classes, then you need to take the responsibility of finding a tutor.
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