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Homework Help: University Thermodynamics- Turbojet

  1. Jul 27, 2010 #1
    Hello, I am currently revising for a thermodynamics resit exam and I cannot get past a certain part in a turbojet question from a past paper. This is the past paper which I failed a few months ago and still cant understand it. Any help would be appreciated.

    A single spool, axial flow turbojet propels an aircraft at a cruise Mach number of 1.8 at
    an altitude where the ambient pressure and temperature are 0.116 bar and 216K. The air
    mass flow rate through the gas turbine is 20kgs−1, the rate of fuel consumption is 0.2kgs−1
    and auxiliary devices take 100kW of power from the turbine. The compressor pressure
    ratio is 3.0. The turbojet has component isentropic efficiencies as follows: intake, 0.92;
    compressor, 0.93; turbine, 0.94; nozzle, 0.97. Determine the following:

    i) Flight speed in ms−1;
    (answer Ua = 530ms−1)
    ii) Compressor entry temperature and intake pressure ratio;
    (answers T2 = 356K, p2/p1= 5.138)
    iii) Compressor power;
    (answer 2.83MW)
    iv) Turbine inlet temperature, and the turbine pressure ratio;
    (answers T4 = 923K, p4/p5= 1.915)

    Its the turbine inlet temp that I cant work out, i can work out the first parts fine. Basically, Im unsure of how to work out T4 by using the information given in the question.
    Any help appreciated!
    Regards, Andy
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