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News UNJewish Underground

  1. Dec 18, 2003 #1

    Date: 12/18/03 1:02:06 AM Eastern Standard Time
    From: Israeli Shmuel HaLevi

    December 17, 2003

    A sovereign Jewish State/Federation.

    "Ours it not the creed of the weakling and the coward;
    ours is the gospel of hope and triumphant endeavor."

    Theodore Roosevelt

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

    WE ARE furiously busy completing the RADIOFREEISRAEL.com
    preparations, but my associates asked me to take a shot at the latest
    SHABAK don's remarks and actions.
    Mr. Avi Dichter noisily propelled smoke and mirrors at the Hertzliah
    boudeville show.
    From there Mr. Avi Dichter amused many with his wordmanship and
    contortions, that as the generals prepare with the "shalom ajshaff"
    people to DISMANTLE the Jewish Nation.

    In the same reunion of the causants of the mayhem we endure one
    ray of light or two came through. Mr. Netanyahu's candid presentation
    and some Foreign Ministry's stunt men protest against "degeneral
    If the generals would not betrayed the Nation the boder would not be
    now an "international subject".
    It is high time to pack that kaki stuff out and hire some colonels to do
    OUR JOB of defense as the PEOPLE WANTS IT DONE.
    That while the local hybrids intentional looser SHUTS UP or else.

    Some bright assistant must have told the generals that the Hertzliah
    dog and ponny show would be the best place to start MEGA YAMIT
    and cover up the three million bucks "loan" he got from the Austrian
    money lauderers amongst other yentz that flotsam did.

    The gathering of all the loose cannons in and about town in Hertzliah
    is intended to provide the generals and stooges the appropriate
    backgound to spread more manure around.
    For decades the same layer has been performing experiments or
    intentional sabotage that LED to the present situation but they
    continue to "od'r gzukting"...

    general Tennenbum! Watch out folks... As we are look at the
    Sharon antics, they will release all the islamic murderers to spring
    the drug dealer.

    Back to Mr. Dichter...
    Those of our guys not busy with tracking the movements of the MEGA
    YAMIT field workers had tuned into some of the speeches in there.
    Shinola from "kir to kir".
    Yet there was one that raised their attention above that of the level of their
    attention about an Argentinian soap opera. It was Avi's bombastic voiced
    SHABAK... Oy.. a brojh! It figures...

    Once Avi started clowning about, the guys called me. When I got there I
    had to stop them laughing to be able to hear Dichter's rumblings.

    THE OPERETTA's name was...
    "The State failed to protect its citizens"...

    Would anyone give the SHABAK don a copy of
    this note?

    Avi, me boy! It is not that "it" failed... you guys intentionally did the
    whole thing to destroy the JEWISH NATURE of the Nation.
    You are SABOTEURS, criminals that deserve to be detained, sent
    TO NEW, freely elected Courts, and in many cases hang.

    BUT that is not the point at this moment.

    I want to point out at the nerve, MEGA HUTZPAH of that
    specimen... and those that control the item.
    The b... less wonder NOT ONLY breezily claimed credit for FAILING
    TO PROTECT THE NATION on behalf of the circus some call
    "Israeli democratichhhhh" State, but he proceeds to blame everything
    ever imagined by his ghouls on just about anyone in humanity.
    Particularly, Avi bleated about the "strategic threat" possed by
    Itzik Pas and his brother in Law. The "eternal "Jewish Underground"
    A veritable MOB of two!

    ATTABOY! Avi...

    UNDERGROUND run from overseas through
    the Rabin heritage corporation, the peresites
    and othe UNJews he represents.

    Itzik, after having his daughter murdered on his arms by one of Rabin's
    partners, was looking to do what any normal father will, MUST do to
    avenge such bestiality.
    Dichter is too busy organizing the torturing Noam and planning other
    such barbarities to do that.

    The monumental, arrogant, stupid jackass had the nerve to, in the
    same breath as he DECLARED FAILURES that led to tens to thousands
    of Jewish and friendly people, swing a two by four all over the place.
    CLAIM THAT HE and his trash ALLOWED THOUSANDS of murders of
    our people and then walk out from the stage back to earn MEGA
    BUCKS allowing for the murdering of some more...
    SIMPLY amazing! Not only that, but the hugely smart "mediah" rang on
    the bells all over the place congratulating the miserable failure
    if not worse.


    With that kind of item running the Erikas SHABAK, no wonder that the
    islamics are beating the living sh.. out of us with sling shots.

    Noam does not stand a chance with a guanaco like that in charge of the
    JUDENSEKTION. We need to go there and free Noam as we drag their
    butts into the jail until NEW COURTS ARE ELECTED.
    After NEWLY ELECTED COURTS are in place those with a bit of time
    MUST, simply MUST take that skunk to Court WITH A TAPE of Avi's own
    recognition of total failure. THE REST OF HIS crimes will be ferreted out

    Shmuel HaLevi
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    Sweet babies, calm music, and platitudes. :wink:
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