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Unknown fly

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    hi friends,
    I am very much excited to know about those white flies.
    they are very small but much irritating. I usually went to my educational institution in morning where I could find them in large crowd. I always tried to search about it. I also googled many times but I could not recollect any specific information as I don't know its name.
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    Need more information on these "white flies" :)

    Where do you live?
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    "White fly" is usually reference to "mothlike" beasties on fuchsia and hanging basket type plants, or tomato, or pepper, or other annuals.
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    There are lots of small fly-like things, for example drain flies, which can be smaller than Drosophila melanogaster (2-3 mm).
    More information is needed or an ID.

    You might want to catch some and look at them (probably with a magnifying glass or dissecting microscope) or photograph them (which is better, but it has to show details).
    Many insects can be knocked out (undamaged dead would work too) with CO 2 gas or cold (refrigerator or freezer). Ether and other volatile organic solvents work too but can blow up or be toxic.

    If you can get a picture, you could post it here and/or do a google image search (this can lead to websites with similar pictures which might provide an ID).
    Take pictures of a several flies since there could be sexual dimorphism (different forms for different sexes).

    Things to note:
    How many wings do they have (true flies have one pair of obvious wings, most other insects have two pair)?
    Do they bite?
    Is there a lot of water around or some other place the larvae may live?
    Size range?
    Location (geographic, type of environment, temperature)
    Are they around a long time or only for short periods of time during the year?
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