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Unknown IC device

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    I've got an IC device that I can't identify in my school kit. I've lost the parts list, so I can'tlook it up on there. Googling and searching on Mouser and Digikey is a dead end. I think it's a Hall Effect sensor, but without a datasheet I've no clue how to use it.

    It has three radial leads like a TO-92 package, but it's only about half as big as that. On the curved side it has a stylized "A" with the letters 04E under it. On the flat side, it has the numbers 1032 889N.

    Any idea what this is, where I can find a data sheet, or at least a clue on who makes it?
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    I'd ask the folks who put the kit together (probably the EE club if your school is like mine) or the TAs. They should be able to give you the manufacturer or at least a function if not part number. Unfortunately, the smaller the package, the less information you can cram on it.
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