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Unpaired electrons

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    my textbook says that silicon(Si) has 4 unpaired electrons whereas i think that there are no unpaired electrons in Si as both the p electrons that are present are already paired.
    could u tell me if i am wrong somewhere?
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    In what context is it said? In the ground state I would expect s2p2, but perhaps they aim at the hybridized sp3 (not that it physically exists).
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    please tell me how many unpaired electrons does it have?i have already given my suppositions.
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    silicon - 4 valence electrons

    Shells would have 1 electron in each before pairing
    I would think your testbook is of the opinion silicon has arrangement
    [Ne] s1 p1 p1 p1
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    thanx.you really gave me a thousand bits answer.just joking.
    actually i got that this will result in half filled orbitals which is more stable due to symmetricity.
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