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Unparticle physics

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    Hi everyone,

    lately I have been rather busy, but I keep seeing papers untitles "Unparticle" + something on the arXiv popping out every now and then. So today I decided I would take a look at this odd stuff. I found a paper from Georgi in particular where the conept seems to be introduced first.
    I must admit that it puzzled me a little bit, and I will probably print this paper and read it tonight. In the meantime, I guess I could greatly benefit from a few informal comments about this subject. Is anybody familiar with this new stuff ?

    Thanks in advance for any help :smile:
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    I also noticed the trend last week. It is getting a lot of citations, but I wonder if it is just because of boredoom.
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    Really it is getting a lot of attention:

    http://www.citebase.org/search?type=identifier&maxrows=10&identifier=oai%3AarXiv.org%3Ahep-ph%2F0703260&order=DESC&rank=lastupdate [Broken]
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