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Unpolarised light, stokes vector and image matrices.

  1. Jan 5, 2012 #1
    I was working on a project of image encryption and I got stuck at something.

    I'll go point-wise.

    1. I need to make optical element filters like linear polariser, circular polariser, retardets etc. working in matlab.
    2. I decided to use mueller calculus and stokes vectors.

    So, I would use the stokes vector for unpolarised light and multiply with it an image matrix to get the image information,....this would be the incident beam on the optical element.

    and then, apply mueller matrices to get the desired results.

    Now, because stokes vectors are of [4*1] size and images are of arbit matrix sizes, they cant go multiplication.
    for eg. (4x1)*(256x256) ?? :frown:

    and further mueller matrices cant be operated either.

    Is there any work around to this?
    or Am I doing something wrong above?
    Please help.

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