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Unprotecting WMA files

  1. Apr 4, 2007 #1
    Back when I was naive, I ripped some of my cd's and protected the content. Now, even though I have the licenses on my hdd, I cant upload them to my Ipod. There are too many files for me to rip the cd's again and I think Ive lost some of them. How would I go about loading them into my ipod?
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    redownload them with whatever program you used. You might have to make a call so they will allow you to redownload them with whatever you were using (imesh? itunes?)

    If you really need to, there's a way to do it in linux, but you'll have to research that. I know someone that can but I haven't looked into it.
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    I figured it out. Id bought the cds, so I had the lisences on the hdd. I just copied them on to the ipod(as external hdd) using wmp. Then converted them into aac fromat through itunes and on the ipod through that.
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    Good work. :)
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