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Unpublished Works

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    I'm currently building my CV...I have 2 published papers, and 2 unpublished papers. I'm curious if there's an official term I should be using for the unpublished papers...they are complete and have been submitted to a conference, but will not appear for a couple months. I've seen "Under Review," "Unpublished Works," etc. Anyone know what I should use?
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    I would say that it is under review or simply state that it is awaiting publication
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    :uhh: A paper submitted to a conference? Do you mean an abstract? If it's an abstract, it's not considered a paper since it isn't peer-reviewed. You can just put "submitted" in place of the volume and pages.

    For actual manuscripts, if they are submitted for review, list them as "submitted," if they have been reviewed and accepted, but are not yet published, then they can be listed as "in press."

    For someone who is still a student or post-doc, it is also acceptable to include a section on your CV of "Manuscripts in Preparation." Once you're past the training stage, though, and should have an established track record of publications, you shouldn't include those still in preparation anymore. It's basically a way of showing that you've been productive while training and what you plan to get published when you are at a stage of your training when you have very few publications already accepted.

    Though, the best advice you can get will be from your research mentor who can guide you on any idiosyncracies of the specific field you're in.
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    Thanks. Since I'm just starting out, I'm completely unfamiliar with the proper terminology...the two papers I've already submitted were to a conference, the two in the pipes are also going to a conference, although one of those papers will be submitted to a publication for peer review very soon.
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