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I noticed it yesterday.

One unemployed graduate, Mohamed Bouazizi

This is a very interesting article which is critical of western nations about turning blind eye to Tunisia people welfare and possible impact of these riots on other Arab nations

Profile of the president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali

Current development:


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I noticed it yesterday.
I noticed it about a month ago." [Broken]
Images posted on social-network sites show police intervening to halt disturbances ignored by national media.
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I've only made one Tunisian friend on facebook. He gave a thumbs up a few days ago so I know he's ok.

I would ask how he feels about the situation, but I fear for his safety." [Broken]
07 Jan 2011 20:37 GMT

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said that it had been alerted that at least six bloggers and activists had been arrested or had disappeared in locations across Tunisia, and that there were probably others who had been targeted." [Broken]
From the ashes of one of the worst crackdowns in Tunisian history rise the first prospects of internet freedom.
14 Jan 2011 18:27 GMT

Tunisia is also considered to be amongst the world's most dangerous places from which to blog; a 2009 report by the Committee to Protect Journalists placed it just after Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

'The most expensive website ever'

Whether or not the online freedom lasts, many Tunisians see the move as a facade, brought about to quash ongoing unrest in the country.

One Twitter user called YouTube "the most expensive website ever", alluding to the fact that the dozens of Tunisians who were killed in the unrest did not die for net freedom. Still another reminded followers that Mohamed Bouazizi did not set himself on fire because he could not get onto YouTube.
There are over 60" [Broken], so of course I do not have time to read them all.

I've actually never corresponded with my Tunisian friend, and I don't remember what it was I said that warranted me being his friend, but I'm sure it was something similar to a quote on his page:

So do not tell me that cruel history cannot be overcome. Do not tell me that Israelis and Palestinians can never make peace. Do not tell me that the people in the streets of Bangkok and Bishkek and Tehran dream in vain of freedom and democracy. Do not tell me that lies can stand forever.

Ask the Poles. They know.
The conclusion of:" [Broken]
Published: April 12, 2010
The New York Times
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