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Unruh teapot

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    The liquid in an accelerated teapot is a function of its acceleration, so there are accelerated teapots where the water is boiling. This is the same for a non falling tea pot near a BH.
    I sea two reasons for this:
    a) The Unruh effect says that in the teapot frame there is around it a blackbody radiation of particles at a given temperature. there is an equilibrium between the teapot and the particles.
    b) there is a pressure on the water due to the acceleration. the boiling temperature of a liquid depends on the pressure so the temperature comes from the acceleration. It does not need an external thermal bath.

    Are these points of view exclusives?
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    The temperature in a) is not equal to the temperature in b). The temperature in a) depends on the Planck constant, unlike the temperature in b).
    Both effects influence the total state of the liquid, so one can say that the system will have two temperatures. This really means that the system will not be in a thermal equilibrium.
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