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News Unsafe AIDS drugs

  1. Dec 18, 2004 #1
    This plain shocked me! -->This, I think, has got more to do with Politics than it does with Medicine, Bio etc<---


    http://www.anc.org.za/ancdocs/anctoday/2004/at50.htm#art1 [Broken]

    African's are be used as Guinea Pigs for AIDS treatment. Uh...
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    hmm I thought that the problem was procedural not that the drug was proven unsafe..or that there was even doubt about their safety? In fact AIDS humanitarian groups were concerned about the misleading reports influencing people to stop take the drug.
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    That man needs a huge lesson in history.
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    How so Locrian?
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    That article really is shocking - Jesse Jackson used to be a legitimate civil rights spokesperson and politician. Now he just seems like a Christian Louis Farakkhan (sp?).
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    Not quite Farrakhan, but a lot more like Al Sharpton. For about five years now Jackson has been floundering, looking for a role; the Clinton administration totally marginalized him, and went about welfare modernisation without consulting him at all. And the Daley administration in his native Chicago has learned they don't have to pay any attention to him in order to carry the black wards. So he has been left to carry out one ill-conceived stunt after another to try to get back in the public eye.
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    Ya know, I actually like Al Sharpton. :surprised He's for real. Ask him a question and he won't throw some meaningless rhetoric back at you - he'll tell you what he really thinks. That's not to say I like his opinions, but I gotta respect a guy who talks straight.

    Re: Jackson, I think the beginning of the end was with that infidelity thing. Its ironic that Clinton administration marginalized him, but it certainly wouldn't have helped Clinton to embrace him.
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    I agree. I wouldn't have voted for Sharpton, but he didn't pretend to be a winning candidate either. He is entertaining and there's a place for a person who calls BS in an election now a days. The media won't do it - they won't be invited back for the next press conference.

    Jackson's problem is that he is a one issue person who tries to pretend he's a full service candidate.
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    I'll agree with that as well and expand it: the problem with most black politicians is that they are black politicians. Their politics and popular support is based on the race issue exclusively. And I don't know if that's a sad commentary on the candidates or their constituency or both. Worse though, is what the party does to them: Obama made a great speech and he really does appear to be the real deal, but the Democratic party won't ever allow him onto that stage for the main event.
  11. Dec 22, 2004 #10
    Because there can be no comparison between AIDS drugs in africa and the Tuskegee experiment. Any similarities are insubstantial. Since no one - including Jackson - has tried to make a case for why they are comparible, I'm lost on even where to start on how they are different.

    Africans aren't African Americans. Refusing care isn't the same as giving drugs that may help but have a some chance of negative consequences. A government forcing its own citizens to bear hideous diseases isn't the same as a government sending drugs that might work (but may not) to another country that asked for them. A conspiracy by a government to harm its own citizens is not the same as the conspiracy by a corporation to sell drugs that may help but also may harm. It isn't that I find the AIDS drugs issue and africa to be in good standing, its that I find comparing it to Tuskegee experiment to not clarify, but instead muddle and incite.

    The number of inconsistencies with that concept is staggering; in fact, the only comparison I can find between the two is that it involves STD's and people with dark skin. Jackson is being rediculous.
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