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Unsolicited 'crackpot' private message

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    Did anyone else receive an unsolicited PM from 'NewMaverick' claiming some breakthrough in quantum gravity and giving a link to his site ?
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    Yes. I didn't react, because I thought somebody else would anyway (lazy as usual :biggrin:) and I can see who got the same private message at the same sending. The admins can see the private messages, so I don't think there's need to discuss it anywhere.
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    Hi Joost. How can you see who else got the mesage ?
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    I don't see everyone who has got messages from him, but I see the list of those people who he sent the message at the same time while sending to me. The recipient list shows above the topic of the private message.
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    The spammer has been banned.
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    This is a reminder that whenever you receive unsolicited messages like that, or even outright commercial spam, you should forward it immediately to any Mentor/Admin.

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