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Unsung heroes

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    not "greatest ever" but "greatest ever who nobody thinks of" or something like that. maybe tycho brahe isn't the best example, but he's still overshadowed by kepler or galileo i think. or how about harald bohr (neils' younger brother). anyway that's the idea.
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    Sgt. James Treber.
    Master Corporal Paul Franklin.
    http://www.canada.com/topics/travel/canadianheroes/story.html?id=796cc833-93f2-47df-906d-eb534ba54304&k=64189" [Broken]

    Just two of many who do not get the recognition they deserve.
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    People that pick my garbage
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    Hipparchos, perhaps, or Eudoxos?
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    hans von mangoldt is another good one imho
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