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Unsure about report details

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    This is about what to include in a chemistry lab report. I have used a similar beaker in four experiments and weirdly, the mass of the beaker was not the same during each experiment. I'm not sure whether to add it in my conclusion for my chem report. It's a minor problem in fact not a problem at all because I weighed the beaker first, with the solute and with leftover solute so I got the exact mass of solute to be used in the experiment, up to 3 d.ps.

    Still, I was wondering whether to include the fact that the mass of the beaker varied inconsistently in the four experiments. It didn't affect my results, but I could say how this problem was tackled and also perhaps say that it is a clear indication of an inaccurate electronic balance?

    What do you think?

    Thank you!
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    It can be balance, it can be beaker - traces of water, traces of salts left after water dried out and so on. Quite normal.
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