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Unsure of major as well as wanting to transfer universities (California)

  1. Jul 6, 2008 #1
    I have two things that I want to address in this thread and hopefully the community can offer me some advice on how to solve these issues:

    1. Choosing between EE and CE

    I will be starting my second year at my university this coming Fall (2008) and it is by then that I have to declare what major I would like to pursue. I'm currently registered as a Computer Engineer. I am also taking Java programming at a community college as to get it out of the way. The question I have is if I should stick with programming?

    For a career path, I have always wanted to work for Google (who doesn't), but I also want to work on military aviation electronics. Sadly, the programming class I'm taking now is flying over my head. I'm sliding by with a B only because I spent hours on the Internet posting questions in forums and browsing for Java tutorials. It would be childish of me to blame my teacher for my lack of understanding, but I don't feel that he is putting any effort into teaching at all (no lectures; just read the book and come to class and try to program).

    A related question is if I should take Java programming again next semester (if I manage to pass this summer class) or wait until the Spring semester to complete Java II and then relearn Java I next summer (or hopefully have the Java II class offered at my university refresh and clarify what I have learned this summer)?

    2. Transferring Universities

    I want to transfer to either a UC or Cal Poly SLO my junior year. Right now, the most realistic goal I can set for a UC transfer is UC Irvine (any thoughts on their engineering program) and hopefully UC Berkeley (because of Air Force ROTC). Despite Cal being an exceptionally good university, I've been told that the environment there is too competitive and people are willing to trade their friends to succeed in life (which does not sound appealing to me).

    -Coming from a private university where class sizes are no larger than 30 students, how will that change at a UC during my upperclassmen years?

    -I was told from a few friends and family that staying at a private university would be better because the professors there know me personally, which will allow me to get a better job easier because of the personal connection. How different is this at a state school?

    -Another thing I was told to be weary of before deciding to transfer would be the inability to register for classes. At my university, if a class and all its sections are full, the registrar will perform an override to guarantee a student in need of that class a spot. How does a UC handle such situation? I would really like to graduate in 4 years.

    -My application is pretty bare and uncompetitive if I were to mention my extra-curriculars starting my freshmen year at college. However, I have an abundance of activities I was involved with during my high school years, as well as an abundance of community service hours under my belt (something which I love to do). I'll most likely be applying with a 3.2-3.3 GPA. Are there any tips or suggestions to make myself more competitive and better my chances? I can't submit the application until November 1st, so that leaves me plenty of room from the start of school (end of August) to get involved with the clubs I was too busy to join last year.
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