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Unwanted notifications

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    Hi, all.
    This is directed toward the Mentors, but I'm posting it here rather than dealing with it behind the scenes in case it impacts upon someone else's experience.
    I recently received a request for friendship from someone. I declined (and those of you who are my friends know why), with an explanation and an invitation to communicate through PM's until I become comfortable enough with him to accept the friendship. This has never been a point of difficulty in the past.
    Now, though, I can't seem to rid myself of the "Your Notifications: 1" blurb on the top of my screen.
    So... two questions. Did he or did he not receive my response, and if not can it be relayed to him? Secondly, how the hell do I get rid of that flag at the top of my screen? It is irritating to a degree that publicly allowable language can't begin to express.
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    When you declined, you have to check the box next to it and then hit decline or something similar to that. You didn't actually decline it yet

    I had the exact same problem
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    Also - Don't ever hesitate to ignore or say no to these requests.
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    Thanks, Shredder. I'll go and try that right now. (By the bye, I hope that you don't mind me addressing you by your last name. For some reason "Office" just seems too stuffy as a form of greeting.)

    edit: Evo! Hi, gorgeous. You sneaked your sleek self in whilst I was otherwise occupied. Perhaps it's because I'm not constantly bombarded with requests, as you probably are, but I never ignore one. Due to the rarity, my acceptance rate is actually somewhat over 80%. That's pretty much because most people who make the request are ones who I already consider friends. Those are instantly accepted, such as you, Astro, Moonie, Hypatia, Huck, Brewski, etc.. The denials are based upon the fact that friendship gives access to personal stuff that I prefer to keep semi-private, but I always explain that to the applicant in my denial notice. (As a side note, how is it that you declined my request involving the turkey-noodle soup and licorice condoms, when I haven't even made it yet? Damned psychics... :frown:)

    edit: No, dammit, the stinking thing is still there after my modified response. Will some kind-hearted administrator please delete it for me before I have to put a bullet through my monitor? (Did I mention that it is unspeakably irritating?)
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    Aha! It's fixed. The thing that I neglected was clicking the checkbox included with the individual's avatar.
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