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UofT EngSci question

  1. May 25, 2008 #1

    This question is mainly aimed at those people who have a good idea of UofT's admission processes, especially for Engineering:

    I got into the EngSci program at UofT (I was very happy when I received the offer), but now I'm afraid I'm probably going to end up losing my offer. You see, my midterm marks had an average of 93.6%, and based on those marks, I was given a conditional offer of admission. My final marks though, will be abour 3-4% lower, because I bombed Calculus (I ended up getting on my teacher's evil side). Most of my other marks have remained the same, if not gone up higher. I'm still well within the requirements of the conditional offer.

    I've read on some other forums that if a lot more people with a higher average than you accept, then you're at risk of getting your offer revoked.

    So, is this really true, and am I at risk of getting revoked?
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  3. May 25, 2008 #2

    Vanadium 50

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    Which UofT? Texas? Tennessee? Toronto? Tampa? Timbuktu?
  4. May 25, 2008 #3
    You won't get revoked.
  5. May 25, 2008 #4
    University of Toronto

    Also, how do you know I won't get revoked makethings?
  6. May 26, 2008 #5
    You were given a conditional offer and you met their conditions and accepted. You have a seat. It's that simple. People with higher averages than you would also have their own offer and those people may have accepted their offer. When the university sends out an offer they're prepared to accommodate you.

    Secondly, it is rather common to drop a few percent in average by the end of the year. Some would say midterm marks are inflated to help students get into their choice of university. But whatever the case may be, a drop in a few percent, especially if it is only in one course, is no big deal.
  7. May 26, 2008 #6


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    Surely this is the only thing that matters; if you have met the conditions of the offer, then you will be accepted.
  8. May 26, 2008 #7
    If you GET an offer, it wont get revoked. I study at UofT mississauga
  9. May 26, 2008 #8
  10. May 26, 2008 #9
    Yup your in. Learn some multivariable calc before you start, and review your trig =)
  11. May 26, 2008 #10
    Haha, nice!

    I'm really happy about this. It feels good to be certain, and not stressed out about this.
  12. May 26, 2008 #11
    ... which is bad thing :rofl:
  13. May 26, 2008 #12
    Funny thing is, if you are nitpicking about a loss of few percent now, you will cry bloody murder after your first year when you can lose a whole lot more. To the point where some 90+ avg. high school kid can struggle to get a 60 in engsci. GOOD LUCK :D
  14. May 27, 2008 #13
    Oh no, I'm not freaking out about my marks...I'm freaking out about my admission getting revoked. Two different things I think.

    I've already know that in university, I'm not getting the 90% averages I got in highschool...and I'm fine with it.
  15. Jan 8, 2009 #14
    I have applied to the Engineering Science program at U of T too.
    I am currently doing my Maths, Physics and Chemistry A-levels. I got an A in Maths, Physics and Chemistry and a B in Biology in my AS-level. Also all my marks at the O level are As. As for extra ciriculiar activities nothing worth mentioning. can anyone give me an idea of my chances of getting accepted?
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