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Update 1 wire DSL WORKS

  1. Jan 10, 2007 #1
    to all you phone co experts
    1 wire DSL WORKS
    I did it again
    I was rewireing my inside line to remove a spliter
    and add a extra jack box so each phone has its own box
    as my wires are non standerd color code using a blue and white+ blue wire
    I hooked up the red post to blue wire and the white+blue wire to the black post
    s/b green I now know
    the phone had no dial tone and THE DSL WORKED
    so I removed the white+ blue wire from the black post
    leaving the red-post hooked to the single blue wire
    the phone had no dial tone and THE DSL STILL WORKED
    HOOKED TO ONE SINGLE WIRE I could surf the web

    rehooked the blue+white to the correct green post and now had dial tone and a working phone

    SO A DSL only needs one wire
    how or why I leave to you guys
    but it does work
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