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Update on CMB (end 2005)

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    Cosmic Microwave Background Mini-Review

    Douglas Scott, George Smoot
    8 pages, 2005 partial update for the 2006 edition of "The Review of Particle Physics", available on the PDG WWW pages at

    "A compact overview of the status of CMB anisotropy results and their cosmological interpretation up until the end of 2005. Sections headings: Introduction; Description of CMB Anisotropies; Cosmological Parameters; Physics of Anisotropies; Current Anisotropy Data; CMB Polarization; Complications; Constraints on Cosmologies; Particle Physics Constraints; Fundamental Lessons; and Future Directions."

    George Smoot was one of the principles of COBE. He's an expert on the CMB. this would be authoritative and up-to-date if anyone's interested in the CMB data.
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