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Updated Ferrofluid Cell Pictures

  1. May 9, 2013 #1
    Hi Y'all,

    My name is Michael Snyder and I'm a PhD student at the University of Louisville.

    You may have seen my work on the 2012 APS calendar.

    A few years ago I posted some ferrofluid cell physics images in this forum.

    The cell is made of two pieces of glass and some ferrofluid between the glass. LED's are placed around the perimeter of the cell.


    Here is one of my newest images. It is not a horseshoe magnet, instead is half of a ring magnet (magnetized thought its thickness).

    The black area is all the same pole (north) and has two fold symmetry where a full ring magnet would have four fold symmetry.


    Would you believe that after five years of study, we still don't know how it works?

    Each line or ring has its own polarization, which we can track back to the source LED.

    We think each line is a refection, but we can't explain why the electrons of the fe304 molecules happen to be in those areas, producing the observed lines and rings of scatter...

    Anyone have any ideas?


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