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Updates are Irritating

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    I hate how some programs, especially Adobe Acrobat, propose updates when you start them up. I do not care about updates when I start up Acrobat. I just care about looking at the document I want to look at. Update proposals for all programs need to be amalgamated into a single location and run when I'm _not_ trying to do anything else, such as open Acrobat.
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    I have hp software from my printer and it wanted to update something the other day, and since then everytime I shutdown my computer I have to click end now for this stupid hpcpprgm.exe EVERY TIME!!! F U HP! Yes I agree with you!
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    You should turn all updates off, I also agree they are quite annoying, just be sure to turn them on from time to time to get the latest version and the installations of the patch..
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    I've got a free edition of a software (downloaded from the internet) which,everytime i open it,asks me to register the software.Registration costs money.

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    Don't register because it costs money.
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