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Updating the book review section of Physics Forum

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    How does the book review area of Physics Forum work? Can members of the site recommend books that they believed should be reviewed and given an honest assessment to the staff? I believe this area of the forum was revamped, it would reduce the number of post requesting books to a minimum. Maybe add categories to this area that are similar to the hw help section? Ie. Math: algebra, geometry, trig, calculus and beyond.

    This change would help new members as a reference to locate quality materials to improve one's knowledge in the sciences.

    I ask this question because I am enjoying a math book that has a lot of material that was left out of the course when I took it. The book is called thomas calculus with analytic geometry 3rd edition and I would like to hear people's thoughts on the book and other books.

    Thanks to physics forum and posting in the book recommendation thread I am now understanding newtonian physics better. Thanks for the people who recommended kleppner and kolenkow.
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    The book review section is an area we need to work on. Expect some updates shortly.
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