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Uploading Ebooks here

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    Hi Friends,
    I think it is very usefull if we can share our papers & Ebooks.
    If you need one Ebook just leave your request here and then others will help you.

    What is your Idea?
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    Careful now: we do not condone piracy here.

    - Warren
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    I do not mean that.
    we can put here our copies,you can scan your book and upload it here.
    I saw some big forums that it is very common there to upload ebooks or articles, for example look at International Electronics Forum Center (http://www.edaboard.com).
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    Dr Transport

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    Still, uploading e-books is piracy, unless you are the author and do not have a copyright agreement with a publisher.
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    what about articles?
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    From their own instructions:
    If an article is copyrighted (has the little c in a circle), it is illegal to make it freely available unless you have permission to do so. You can even look down to the very bottom of each Physicsforums web page to see that the content posted here is copyrighted. That's to keep someone from coming here, copying and pasting the conversations, and posting them on another forum.
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