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Courses Upper-Level EE Courses

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    Does it matter which upper level course I take next year, when I'm a senior? I'm an EE major. The courses that I have narrowed it down to incude:

    • Digital Communications Theory
    • Analog Circuit Design and Implementation
    • Electro-Optic Theory
    • Digital Systems Design II
    • Digital Control Systems

    After I graduate, I hope to get a job at a company like Microsoft, Intel, IBM, AMD, etc... would any of these course help me towards getting into that company? I know the exact position would vary upon what job needs to be done, as all of the courses above are important... My question is geared toward which would be the best for a fundamental course? Something to have a good background in...
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    Microsoft is a software company. What field do you want to specialize in?
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    Optoelectronics is fun...
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    I was hoping to get into their hardware-related products.

    As far as specializing, I don't really have a preference. I've always enjoyed communications and signal processing. I might venture into the VLSI world, since I enjoyed my semiconductors course a lot, so that's an option too.

    I can tell you what I'm not interested in... these are the fields in its purest sense... as in, I wouldn't mind doing these when it needs to be done, however I don't want to be someone who specializes in it and is the "go to" guy. And they are... control systems, power distribution, power electronics, and thats it I think.
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