UPRATING Of Older US Nuclear Plants


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Sorted by magnitude of uprate:

Of the 93 units that have uprated, 56 units (60%) uprated less than 6%, 17 units (18%) upreated from 6 to 7%, and 20 units (22%) uprated by more than 7%, and some the latter realized uprates of 20%. And some units have received license extensions of 20 years.

One can access reports to review what is involved in the uprates and license extensions.
There are actually four different types of uprates to my knowledge. First, plants built in the early days were deliberately derated about 5% in compensation for perceived uncertainties in the analysis tools available at that time. As those tools improved and were validated plants performed "Stretch Power Uprates" to regain that production, Second, there are BOP uprates such as improved thermal efficiency by turbine replacements, Third, there are extended Power Uprates, based on continuing improvements in analysis tools, plant operating experience, and improved fuel designs. Finally, there are Margin Uncertainty Recovery uprates based on the more accurate measurement of Feedwater Flow in power measurement with better instrumentaion.

I appreciate the list, but at a minimum it is missing the Monticello extended power uprate.

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