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UPS load problem

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    i would like to know the fact of UPS(uninterruptible power supply) that why sometimes UPS has some problem to satisfy the load and how to recover the problem...
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    If you draw more amps than the UPS is rated for, it may not satisfy your load.
    You may need to buy two if you have a very large load to provide for.
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    Most likely your UPS is underrated for the application.

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    Exactly !!! some time one UPC can not bear too much load and so they are not working well as per gendou you need to check your UPS capacity and if needed buy one more UPS for satisfy your requirement.

    Raj Mehta
    Uninterruptable Power supplies
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    I have a problem with my UPS. I've used it for 3 years now. In the last few weeks it seemed that it was the time to change the battery as it didn't respond well with the load. So I did that accordingly. But when I changed the battery with a new one, the problem is still going on. So, it's not the problem of battery, I suppose. The symptom is just like the dropping battery, but it's not.
    What is probably the problem with a 3 year old UPS? What components do I have to change?
    Thank you guys for your kindly reply.
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    I think you need to first show it some professional person or try some other UPS to check is it really cause of that or not

    Raj Mehta
    http://www.powercontinuity.co.uk" [Broken]
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