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Homework Help: Upward motion

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    Hi im new to Pf and im a hs student

    I just want to ask if i were given a problem:

    a. what is the velocity of an object falling in 2.2s and the total distance is 12m.

    what vi should i use is it 0 or the other velocity that i would get if i will solve for the whole downward motion problem?
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    Welcome to PF. Could you please state the question exactly as it is give to you?
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    Its in my quiz so i dont have a copy =(

    but as far as i could remember i could solve the vf of the falling object using vi as 0 because it is the vi when an object has reached its maximum height.

    the problem is if the time is 2.2s considering 12m as the distance from the objects maximum height to the ground what is the velocity of the object and the distance on 2.2s =( sorry for an incomplete info =(
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